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Re: 4 Week Reaction and Lessions Learned

Subject: Re: 4 Week Reaction and Lessions Learned
Author: Don
Date: 8/8/2003 0:59 am
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Yes, isn't it weird that AID's patients don't suffer the symptoms, white blood cells remember like nicked-cadnium batteries, and lymph nodes play an important part. So strange that I had Zyrtec on my kitchen counter, and quit taking it for fear of drug interactions.

My next goal is to help my family Dr. with a folder full of information and ideas tomorrow. A nice idea for any Dr. visit I would think. They're only human after all.

SUMMARY: 14 days minimum steroid tablets; stay on the aleregy medicine; soap on articles does not work without lots of water, the chemistry shows the two-tailed molecules of success (pun intended, see the waynesword web site), wash twice; rinse twice; wash again; use a solvent based cleanser early on; and last but not least you have 3 minutes after contact to simply rinse the urushiol oil off before skin bonding..

4 Week Reaction and Lessions L (Approved)Don8/7/2003 3:07 pm
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