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Vinegar to kill plants?

Subject: Vinegar to kill plants?
Author: Stella
Date: 8/11/2003 5:00 pm
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I read in a magazine the other day that you could spray undiluted vinegar on poison ivy,oak,and sumac during the hottest part of the day to kill them.I tried this today,so we'll see if this works, will let you know if it does.But it didn't say anything about the urusiol oil that can stay on the plant for up to five years even if it's dead.Does anyone know if the vinegar (I used the white distilled vinegar) does something to the urusiol oil? I also used "chigerid" on my blisters to relieve the itching and it worked, the itching stopped, then followed up with an antibiotic bandaid (blisters were contained to just my thumb,thank heaven).Don't know if the antibiotic bandaids will help in healing, but they're worth a try.
-- Stella ([email protected]) submitted 28/July/2003

Vinegar to kill plants? (Approved)Stella8/11/2003 5:00 pm
  Re: Vinegar to kill plants? (Approved)Redford8/11/2003 11:23 pm
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