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Do I have Poision Ivy Plants?

Subject: Do I have Poision Ivy Plants?
Author: Wyatt Davis
Date: 8/13/2003 10:31 am
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I don't have a picture, but we just built our house and the land that they cleared had some poision ivy. Now, the front of our house has pine straw areas with typical plants for landscaping that the builders planted. I've noticed that a certain looking weed that pops up every once and a while looks like Poision Ivy, but my wife says that she doesn't think that it is. It has the three leafs and kinda shiny. It is a very Thorny. You can't even pull it with bare hands b/c of the sharp thorns. Is this a sign that it is NOT poision ivy or does some types of P.I. grow thorns?

Any help would be great, b/c we would love to just grab some gloves and pull them out, but I'm very scared to have poision ivy again, last time it was horrible! I just spray them with plant poision for now.


--Wyatt D.

Do I have Poision Ivy Plants? (Approved)Wyatt Davis8/13/2003 10:31 am
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