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Subject: Poison Ivy
Author: Glenn
Date: 8/16/2003 3:50 pm
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My 8 year old son contracted poison ivy 3 weeks ago. Seems he decided to play with my brush clippers and he did some cliping on a poison ivy patch--yikes! Needless to say he got it really bad...especially his face. On the second day both his eyes were completly shut and his face looked "deformed". He looked so bad that when my 4 year old awoke that morning and saw him, she was really scared and did not recognise him and she said he was a "monster". I too was shaken up so I called the Dr. who saw him immediately and prescibed a liquid oral steroid which helped almost immediately....by the next day he looked much better, although his face was still swollen and his eyes were still partially shut. As the days progressed he got better and better and by the 5th day on the steroid he was practically back to normal, except for some light red patches here and there. He continued on the steriod for 14 days and we were told by the Doctor to finish the steroid no matter what..even though he looks better.
The bad things about the steriod is that one night he was seeing "spots" which scared him a bit. Also it made him a bit irritable and edgy and his appetite increased dramatically.
But overall the steroid was a God send as given how bad he was, I couldn't imagine him without it...
I wish the best to all who you who have poison ivy...my heart goes out to you!

Poison Ivy (Approved)Glenn8/16/2003 3:50 pm
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