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large blisters &spreading redness

Subject: large blisters &spreading redness
Author: Kristina
Date: 8/17/2003 6:23 pm
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I have my first bout of poison ivy.......gardening where poison ivy was taken out a few months ago....2 days later I started getting very large blisters...mostly on my hands and wrists...one flat very red spot on my neck and lower back..both with no blisters.....it has been almost 2 weeks now....the large blisters are mostly gone.....and now it mostly looks like excema.....but the redness where the large blisters were is spreading.....and of course now I am getting new blisters on my inner arms,legs and stomach, but they are just small spots but with redness around them....I have used calamine, cold compresses and 2.5 cortizone cream.......I am concerned with the hot looking patches....is this normal? and how long does the usual case of poison ivy last?,

large blisters &spreading redn (Approved)Kristina8/17/2003 6:23 pm
  Re: large blisters &spreading (Approved)Rebecca8/17/2003 10:28 pm
    Re: large blisters &spreading (Approved)Betsy D.8/18/2003 11:43 am