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Subject: Miserable!!!
Author: renee
Date: 8/18/2003 11:30 am
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At this moment I have a sunburn, bug bites and poison ivy on my legs!!! I feel like jumping off a bridge! I had to take 2 ibprofen for my migraine last night and it did help me sleep a bit but I don't think I've been this uncomfortable since childbirth! LOL!
I have been fighting this poison ivy for two weeks now. I have tried benedryl, calamine lotion, rubbing alchol and hydrocortizone cream. I am at my witts end. Then ontop of it all I was in the sun too long this weekend...forgot my sunscreen probably due to the side affects of benedryl (It always makes me feel so out of it!) and ended up with mosqoito bites on my ankles! I am a true mess!!
I have never had poison ivy this bad and I wasn't even out in the garden. I am pretty sure I contracted it through my dog's fur. There is no other explanation.
Thanks for listening to me gripe!
Any more suggestions on relief for this terrible rash that is itching me too death!!?
Thank you

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