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Re: Properties of Spreading

Subject: Re: Properties of Spreading
Author: Betsy D.
Date: 8/18/2003 2:48 pm
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Hi Matt -

Phew - that's quite a chain of events but yes it could. Here's an interesting experiment Dr. William Epstein (professor of dermatology and noted expert on poison ivy) did a few years ago to prove the potency of urushiol oil. He placed urushiol oil on the thumb of a person not sensitive and had that person press down repeated on a piece of paper. Every 50 times he touched someone who was sensitive to urushiol. The count was up to 1,000 times before the urushiol lost its effect. This shows that it doesn't take much.

Here's a reference link: Society of Municipal Arborists: Poison Ivy

Properties of Spreading (Approved)Matt8/15/2003 0:36 am
  Re: Properties of Spreading (Approved)Betsy D.8/18/2003 2:48 pm