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Re: poison ivy

Subject: Re: poison ivy
Author: Betsy D.
Date: 8/18/2003 2:53 pm
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Hi Tom -

If you were careful and didn't cause any plant damage, then there would be no distribution of urushiol oil. Remember that the oil is contained in the leaflets, fruit, stem, vine, and roots so you'd have to be extra careful. Add to that that the plant is quite fragile and the set of circumstances is nearly impossible. Urushiol oil is colorless until it oxidizes so you wouldn't be able to see if it had been released from the plant. Also, bugs like to chew on the leaves so finding undamaged leaflets is pretty tough. Washing up well is key to removing the oils but time is a major factor here. You need to wash up within about 3 minutes, otherwise the urushiol oil will begin the bonding process.

I pull poison ivy vines often and have success with good prep and a pair of very long PVC coated gloves. Pull, dispose, wash up well with a good detergent/soap and lots of water.

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  Re: poison ivy (Approved)Betsy D.8/18/2003 2:53 pm