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Re: Do I have Poision Ivy Plants?

Subject: Re: Do I have Poision Ivy Plants?
Author: Howard
Date: 8/18/2003 4:32 pm
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You have mentioned that PI does not have any thorns/fine thistles but I swear the times I have had a PI reaction it was from a 3-leaf plant/vine that had a prickly stem. Is it possibly that I can be experiencing the identical PI allergic reaction to a different plant?

Which leads to my main question. Can people be allergic to raspberry plants? They seem identical to PI in leaf appearance.

I have some raspberry canes along with some other 3 leaf plants that I thought were young raspberry shoots. I am now thinking that these green plants are not young raspberries but PI. They are about 3' - 4' high and are not bearing any fruit though I have seen some white bud like flowers at times. My suspicions grew because I came down w/PI and am not sure where else it could have originated.

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