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Round Up works...but takes time...

Subject: Round Up works...but takes time...
Author: Jim
Date: 8/19/2003 3:23 pm
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I am working on two LARGE patches of PI in a clearing and hundreds of plants spread throughout the woods on a 4 acre property. I mowed the first patch with a riding lawnmower (I didn't know it was PI at the time) and that patch is coming back as small plants.

Per information on this site, I bought a 3 gallon sprayer and sprayed Round Up on the other big patch of PI as well a spraying a bunch of the single plants around the edges of the clearing. A couple days later...nothing...the plants looked a little wilted but not much. I thought "great, that didn't work". But a few days after that the plants started showing a lot of wilting and by a week later they were all dead. The nice thing is that I have been told that it kills the roots too so those particualar plants won't regrow next season. That's awesome, Round Up does work.

Round Up works...but takes tim (Approved)Jim8/19/2003 3:23 pm
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