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Subject: IcyHot
Author: Jason T
Date: 8/21/2003 1:43 pm
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Well I got p.i. again, it happens at least once a year. Mine gets to the point that the rash oozes so bad I have to put gauze over the rash so I don't stain my pants but sometimes it still soaks through the gauze. This time I happened to be out of any cream to help with the itching. I have a high tolerance for pain but I can not stand the itching. I wanted any other sensation as long as it was not itching. I went to the medicine cabinet and grabbed the tube of IcyHot and covered my rashes with it. Much to my pleasure it worked. The itch stopped and I had a dull burning sensation on my legs. It lasts for a couple hours also. I wouldn't suggest putting it any where near the face or other sensitive body parts, I have some p.i. in my ear for the first time and am keeping the IcyHot away from there.

IcyHot (Approved)Jason T8/21/2003 1:43 pm
  Re: IcyHot (Approved)DonW8/22/2003 0:02 am