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Re: Potbelly pig eats poison ivy

Subject: Re: Potbelly pig eats poison ivy
Author: Betsy D.
Date: 8/25/2003 9:56 pm
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Hi Laura -

This should be nothing you need to worry about - at least for the pig. Now if Rosie got some urushiol oil (the compound in poison ivy that can cause the rash for many of us) on her skin / fur, then that could be an issue for you. The reaction to urushiol oil is an immune system response and from what I have read only humans and a species of primate (sorry I don't have the reference and I didn't bookmark it) have issues with contact with urushiol oil. I have read one undocumented reference to laboratory studies finding some sensitivity in dogs, pigs, and a few others but I didn't see supporting evidence. You might consider calling the vet to get an opinion on this topic.

I've got a number of references about the immune system reaction. Did you know that a number of animals love to eat poison ivy? Even goats are employed to clear fields covered in poison ivy or oak. Deer, horses, cattle, birds and others eat the fruit and foliage. Wood rats use poison oak branches for their nests. Poison ivy and oak are actually pretty beneficial in the wild. Just a major issue for those of us who are allergic.

Potbelly pig eats poison ivy (Approved)Laura8/25/2003 8:57 pm
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