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Author: Scooter
Date: 8/26/2003 3:55 pm
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I have had pi for 2 months. Contacted some brush trying to make a fire. Couldn't understand why i couldn't break a dry rubbery 1" branch. Then ofcourse got it everywhere. Geez. I tried the predizone. I couldn't sleep and ate anything that didn't move. I had to stop the steroids 2 days early cause my chest got tight. It was almost gone then 2 days later it came RAGING back. Im very worried after reading the long lasting effects of the steroids at this site. But didn't see any specifics yet. I switched to Benadryll pills and gel. Which got rid of the itch and seemed to keep it at bay. After 4 slathering weeks, I went back for another bottle. Luckily talked to pharmicist. She said that the D--yll (?) ingredient in gel is an irritant to PI. What should I worry about as far as the steroids go? Has anyone heard about the Benedryll gel issue? Im using Caladryl Clear now. It does not have the ingredient. It seems to be slowly receding. I never had blisters. I just had bumps. Is this a sign of sumac or oak not PI? I think there are two ways to have it after reading here, In the blood stream (me) and topical. It seems many of the blood stream people got it from major contact or from the stalk. So we should be called stalkers? LOL Any advice?

BAD BENEDRYLL GEL???? (Approved)Scooter8/26/2003 3:55 pm
  Re: BAD BENEDRYLL GEL???? (Approved)Jessica8/27/2003 2:40 pm