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Washing Off Potentially PI Oil from Materials

Subject: Washing Off Potentially PI Oil from Materials
Author: Lee D
Date: 8/27/2003 12:51 pm
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Greetings, My name is Lee, a novice to the PI message boards, and I appreciate all the helpful information I am getting from many questions. I tried not to duplicate questions but thought there was a slight twist to this particular one of mine, relating to materials carrying the oils and passing them onto people to later come into contact. Here it goes:

I just bought a home where the whole back section is covered with PI. I already have been infected and have a very tough time with it, having to go on Prednisone. After reading the comments, I find that the smallest traces of urishiol (one placed mentioned 100 nanograms!) can cause infection. It turns out that I have a small 18-foot round above ground pool. It is far from the PI but the pool cover was left right on top of the PI. Does this mean that the pool cover has oil on it? I read that only when the leaves are broken will the urishiol get onto the material. OF course, I want to play it safe! I carefully lifted the pool cover off the PI leaves. Now I need to wash the cover off. I saw some messages on different detergents (something 401?). If the pool cover went on the pool, is it possible that anybody who swam might get infected? Would the pool chemicals (chlorine, PH) wash the oil off? Thanks for your suggestions, Lee D

Washing Off Potentially PI Oil (Approved)Lee D8/27/2003 12:51 pm
  Re: Washing Off Potentially PI (Approved)Brian8/29/2003 8:15 pm