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Poison Ivy

Subject: Poison Ivy
Author: Jill T
Date: 8/30/2003 10:31 pm
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I got a "bad" case of poison ivy on my upper chest and neck...I really am not sure how I got it...maybe from petting my dogs or working in the yard...I certainly wasn't aware of any poison ivy, oak, or sumac in the yard...I came to this site for possible remedies for the itching...I had scratched it until it was bloody, and still it itched...Itch...that really isn't a strong enough word for what I was feeling!..I hadn't slept in days because of it.
I tried the oatmeal and baking soda...the alcohol...the vinegar and just about everything else I could think of...it didn't make much difference...then I found a tube of preparation H in the medicine box...it was worth a try...it made an immediate difference...no more itching...I actually got almost a full nights sleep...I used it for 3 days and it really helped...it was still angry and red looking but it didn't itch as much...I finally got some Benadryl gel and it has finally started to go away...Just thought I'd share this info...I wish I had used it much sooner.


Poison Ivy (Approved)Jill T8/30/2003 10:31 pm
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