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poison ivy rash spread days later

Subject: poison ivy rash spread days later
Author: dona berry
Date: 9/2/2003 10:31 am
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Does any one know if the rash can spread to other parts of your body many days after the initail break out?

I have it on my arms and now behind my legs and some on my stomach. The initial breakout was aug 25/03 but seems to be popping up in smaller spots on me.

When i was gardening i did have on long pants and golves. but short sleeves and alas my for arms are covered.

i looked at it and said this is too small to be pi, NOT it was. now i heading to the doctor to stop the itch can't sleep...

poison ivy rash spread days la (Approved)dona berry9/2/2003 10:31 am
  Re: poison ivy rash spread dayBetsy D.9/11/2003 10:18 pm