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Re: Miserable!!!

Subject: Re: Miserable!!!
Author: Robert
Date: 9/3/2003 1:07 am
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You have my complete sympathy. Let me add Buy the Aveeno Bath Treatment and there are packets. Take a packet and mix it in water to make a paste. A gooey paste and put this all over you.
It will at least give you temporary relief. Not sure how long I find that certain things work and don't work. The oatmeal dries and then flakes so you got to wash it off. Take a shower with cool water and then towel dry or drip dry as you do not want to break the blisters etc. and then of course put the towel in the washing machine. One pharmasist tells that you literally have to be sterile. By the way I am on Predisone but there is alot of conflicting opinions about taking it. I guess get educated and then it's your call. I got tired of suffering and decided to try it. Itching is about 90% gone after 5 days on it

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