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Re: By the eyes

Subject: Re: By the eyes
Author: yme0123
Date: 9/7/2003 4:16 pm
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This may be a little too late, but thought I'd post anyway. Ask your dr. about an eye drop that she can use. My bf had the same thing and his dr. gave him an eye drop. I'm sure the dr. would know which one would work best, but there are drops out there for that. It cleared up my bf's eye in 1 DAY. (And it was REAL bad...swollen and red) Wish I knew the name of it, but he threw the bottle away. Ask your dr. Good luck!

By the eyes (Approved)Laura C8/28/2003 1:00 am
  Re: By the eyes (Approved)yme01239/7/2003 4:16 pm