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Re: Poison Ivy

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy
Author: Betsy D.
Date: 9/11/2003 10:31 pm
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Hi Jill -

Thanks for the testimonial about Preparation H - I've heard good things about this as well. 2 of the main benefits of Preparation H are:
  • Provides relief from the symptoms of i.e. pain, irritation and itching.
  • Helps to shrink the tissues swollen by inflammation.

This is directly from the Preparation H website. Seems that a product that does the above is excellent for dealing with a poison ivy rash.

Poison Ivy (Approved)Jill T8/30/2003 10:31 pm
  Re: Poison IvyBetsy D.9/11/2003 10:31 pm