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Damaged skin and poison ivy?

Subject: Damaged skin and poison ivy?
Author: J.I.
Date: 11/13/2003 0:23 am
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I am 41 and never had problems with any poisonous plants until now.
I handled poison ivy with my bare hands badly scrached and got a
rash where the scratches were. Now, I am wondering if broken skin
made it easier for poison ivy to do the damage and if it could
spread through the blood stream since I also got rash where the
plant could not get for sure. It also took about ten days to
show up at other places. Another question I have is if the
genetics has to do anything with being alergic or not. My father
used to weed out poison ivy with his bare hands.

I would appreciate any answers, comments, etc.

Damaged skin and poison ivy? (Approved)J.I.11/13/2003 0:23 am
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