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Poison ivy logs

Subject: Poison ivy logs
Author: Frank
Date: 11/17/2003 4:36 pm
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I had poison ivy vines (1 inch thick) on a dead tree which I cut down and split pieces into logs which I intended to use as firewood in a wood burning stove (not a cooking stove. I then discovered to my sorrow that the vines were poison ivy and then had two weeks of shear torture. It would add insult to injury if I had to now throw out this wood. I don't plan on using this wood for another two years. Is this enough time for the poison ivy oils to have disappeared? The vines were ripped from the tree prior to being split into logs.

Poison ivy logs (Approved)Frank11/17/2003 4:36 pm
  Re: Poison ivy logs (Approved)BRIAN11/18/2003 11:35 am