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i think you're right...

Subject: i think you're right...
Author: missmaya
Date: 2/13/2004 5:45 pm
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oh JESUS!!! okay, we;re all in the same bush here right? miserable, itching, burning, typing irregular to beat the band? I was weeding in my back yard, (early feb) searching blackberry vines to their roots, getting scratched all up my left arm...somehow the right was spared the vicious thorns, and didn't start showing symptoms right away. now they're here with a vengance. I woke up the next night literally clawing into my left wrist. there's now an indentation maybe a milimeter across where I clawed off a blister. I was sure I had herpes! then my sweetie informed me that i was weeding poison oak. I've since developed only 1 or 2 itchy blisters on my right forarm, but i'm convinced I'd spread it by the secretions, but according to this site that's impossible, so i guess it did spread through my blood stream... does everyone develope multiple blisters?

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