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Please help me figure this out!

Subject: Please help me figure this out!
Author: Nicole
Date: 5/16/2004 12:44 pm
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I have discovered these little red bumps, that I thought were mosquito bites on the inside of my arm. I was only outside for 2 minutes no longer on my steps not near any greenery. Then the bumps spread all over my body during the course of 3 days. Then they grew bigger, they itch like crazy and they seem to be growing into clusters. I cooked recently with Cilantro that I purchased from the supermarket. Do you think that Poison Ivy could have been on the Cilantro? I went to the doctor and she went on and on about poison ivy and a mite but the reasons didnt seem to match me. Like I wasnt working in a yard, playing in the grass or anything. So someone please help me so I can treat it properly. Btw, it has been 3 days and it is still speading.

Please help me figure this out (Approved)Nicole5/16/2004 12:44 pm
  Re: Please help me figure this (Approved)blah blah blah5/16/2004 4:01 pm