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Spreading.....how far?

Subject: Spreading.....how far?
Author: Matt
Date: 5/17/2004 8:21 am
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I was in contact with poison ivy about 10 days ago. It started out just on my forearms and not too bad, but a week later after the initial breakout it is spreading little by little ALL over my body parts where i dont even think i had contact with it, stomach, back, thighs ETC. No really severe breakouts but just a few here a few there but continually spreading every day more and more. Is this normal and how far do i let it go before seeing a doctor?

Spreading.....how far? (Approved)Matt5/17/2004 8:21 am
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    Re: Spreading.....how far? (Approved)Bridget5/24/2004 10:48 pm
      How long does the spreading la (Approved)Mari Jeen5/28/2004 10:42 am