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Help! "Race for the Cure" lol

Subject: Help! "Race for the Cure" lol
Author: In big trouble
Date: 5/17/2004 9:22 am
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I really need someone's help here! I got poison ivy (great, just after i got cured from my last one) and I need it to stop really soon! because Im going to india in exactly FOUR DAYS!!! And my mom says that if i dont get better then I cant go
Please help me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

Praying for some kind soul to help me

Katie R

Help! "Race for the Cure" lol (Approved)In big trouble5/17/2004 9:22 am
  Re: Help! "Race for the Cure" (Approved)Heather5/18/2004 1:15 pm
  Re: Help! "Race for the Cure" (Approved)Mark5/20/2004 2:53 pm