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Subject: micro-burn?
Author: Tim
Date: 5/19/2004 6:26 pm
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I'm new to hiking in the Illinois area so I'm not sure what plants I should be aware of. Today I brushed against a plant that could easily have been Shrub Poison Oak, but I'm not qualified to make that determination.

Within about 2-3 minutes of contact my finger begain to itch and a tiny 2mm area of my finger looks like a scar from a burn. It itches slightly, but doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it looks.

Anyone ever heard of anything like this? Or do I just need to stop eating the fungii I encounter while I'm hiking?

micro-burn? (Approved)Tim5/19/2004 6:26 pm
  Re: micro-burn? (Approved)Brian5/21/2004 11:31 pm