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Poison Ivy or Ashleaf Maple? (no picture)

Subject: Poison Ivy or Ashleaf Maple? (no picture)
Author: Leif Cefalo
Date: 5/20/2004 11:23 am
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First I must apologize for not having a picture to show at this moment. However, I can discribe the plant pretty well. I noticed this the other day at my cottage in Maine. The plant looked like a fairly new, springtime growth. I noticed that on each branch it had, starting at the end, a set of three leafs (which made me think it was PI) and then about an inch back from that, a set of two leafs which were directly opposite each other on the branch. After looking at this site and finding Ashleaf Maple I was thinking it could be that. Is there another way to tell? Since it has the set of two leafs does that rule out PI?

Poison Ivy or Ashleaf Maple? ( (Approved)Leif Cefalo5/20/2004 11:23 am
  Re: Poison Ivy or Ashleaf Mapl (Approved)Brian5/21/2004 11:36 pm