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A rash for 20 years?

Subject: A rash for 20 years?
Author: Stephen Jensen (rash)
Date: 5/20/2004 6:19 pm
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Hey everyone.

I cannot remember a time when i did not have these two rashes, they are both located on my legs, just above the ankel on the shin (?) not sure how to describe it.

I guess i have adapted to them, because it is only occasionally that they will itch me and annoy me. The skin on top of the rash is flakey and i will scratch every once in a while and it will flake away. The rash reaches about 5 inches up the front of my leg from the top of my ankel.

They are not the prettiest things to look at and it would be nice if i could figure out what these are.

I could take pictures if anyone thinks they could help, thanks. My email is [email protected], i do not check that email all too often, but i will get it it. Thanks.


A rash for 20 years? (Approved)Stephen Jensen (rash)5/20/2004 6:19 pm
  Re: A rash for 20 years? (Approved)Carol Lincoln6/10/2004 7:57 pm