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Is it PI or Blackberry ?

Subject: Is it PI or Blackberry ?
Author: Christina
Date: 5/24/2004 6:16 pm
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I've got something that looks just like poison ivy just outside my front door that frankly seems suspicious- it starts out three leaves but sometimes matures to five (though not in the majority of cases) and has (very evil) sharp thorns. It's coming up from the floor of my planters along my brick exterior, and it's mixed in and similar to my Virginia creeper (even more suspicious). I'm in rural Fla panhandle along a state forest. Someone has mentioned blackberry... could a blackberry look so much like poison ivy that more than one outdoor person could be mistaken when they tell me 'sure does look like (poison ivy)' ? Thanks for any insight :)

Is it PI or Blackberry ? (Approved)Christina5/24/2004 6:16 pm
  Re: Is it PI or Blackberry ? (Approved)BP5/25/2004 3:02 pm
  Re: Is it PI or Blackberry ? (Approved)Tim5/27/2004 9:36 pm