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Spreading rash & accompanying bumps

Subject: Spreading rash & accompanying bumps
Author: Becky Wilson
Date: 5/26/2004 1:15 am
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According to several people, my 4 year old has poison ivy on his shoulder. It took a week for the little bumps to turn into blisters, then they formed together into a large rash. I washed his shoulder twice with Zanfel, but the rash has grown larger, from the size of a silver dollar to the palm of your hand, within three days. Now he has little bumps all over his legs that aren't red, and don't form a pattern. Could he be having an allergic reaction to the poison? Or could he be having a reaction to the Zanfel? I put Caladryl directly on his shoulder rash, and gave him a 1/2 tsp of Benedryl tonight. HELP!!!

Spreading rash & accompanying (Approved)Becky Wilson5/26/2004 1:15 am
  Re: Spreading rash & accompany (Approved)BW5/27/2004 10:39 am