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Can I catch it from my boyfriend?

Subject: Can I catch it from my boyfriend?
Author: Coral
Date: 6/1/2004 10:51 am
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About four days ago my boyfriend came into contact with poison ivy. The red bumps showed up about two days later. Between the time when he came in contact with the plant and the time the bumps showed up he had slept in my bed and I had slept in his bed. He has since then his blisters have come in contact with me numerous times. They are oozing and he went to the doctor to find out he had a nasty infection. I still have shown no signs of catching the poison ivy, but his doctor told him that at this stage it is very contagious. Is it possible that I won't get it considering I haven't shown any reaction? Or should I have no physical contact with him??

Can I catch it from my boyfrie (Approved)Coral6/1/2004 10:51 am
  Re: Can I catch it from my boy (Approved)pat mcgroin6/1/2004 10:33 pm
  Re: Can I catch it from my boy (Approved)BRIAN6/2/2004 10:48 pm