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Removing oil from furniture

Subject: Removing oil from furniture
Author: Matt
Date: 6/4/2004 1:30 pm
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My wife and I contracted pi last weekend for the first time since we were little. We were working in a new garden and didn't realize we were touching pi. We ended up pulling it up with bare hands which I'm sure ended up all over our clothes and other parts of our body. Luckily we did not have a severe reaction. We did not change our clothes immediately after gardening, and were lounging around the house. We have since washed all the exposed clothes but does anyone know anything we can spray on the couches, pilows, that we may have come in contact with before removing our clothes to remove the pi oil that gives you the rash?

Removing oil from furniture (Approved)Matt6/4/2004 1:30 pm
  Re: Removing oil from furnitur (Approved)Patty6/26/2004 5:28 pm