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How to dispose of killed PI?

Subject: How to dispose of killed PI?
Author: Lydia
Date: 6/7/2004 12:06 pm
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We have a TON of poison ivy in the backyard of our new home. One large tree looks like it's wearing a green fluffy coat of poison ivy vines and leaves. My question is: after I kill the small plans with herbicide, and it dies, what do i do with the dead PI? Leave it there and let it rot? won't it still have the oil in it? Or gather it up, bag it, and dispose of it? Is there a special way I have to dispose of dead or fresh PI? Finally, if i clip the vines, will the leaves up top fall and litter my yard with contagious debris?
Any answers much appreciated.

How to dispose of killed PI? (Approved)Lydia6/7/2004 12:06 pm
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