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removing ivy from privet hedge

Subject: removing ivy from privet hedge
Author: rick
Date: 6/15/2004 4:12 am
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Here is some info. that may help. First, disposable latex gloves are very effective when handling poison ivy. Change them often, and remove them by turning them inside out. Do not touch anything else with the gloves.

The best method I have found for removing large patches of poison ivy is to treat the entire plant(s) over a course of a week or so. The plants that grow together in the near vicinity of each other are probably the same plant/vine/bush and must all be eradicated in order to successfully kill it. Obtain a hypodermic syringe, such as the type used for insulin and remove the plunger. Cut the tube about an inch long from the pointed end and affix a hose. The other end of the hose should go to a reservoir which is filled with weed killer. Inject the plant and tape the needle to the plant. The reservoir of weed killer can then be attached to a stick or something so that it remains higher than the needle. Gravity feeds the entire network, and the plant will entirely die within a week.

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