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Poison Oak - Delayed Reaction

Subject: Poison Oak - Delayed Reaction
Author: Heidi
Date: 7/6/2004 6:34 pm
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I got a small patch of poison oak on my calf about three weeks ago after a hike near Portland, OR. Just this past weekend (3 weeks later) my hands and feet developed small, red hives, which have now spread to my legs and neck, while backpacking in central Oregon. The outbreak on my hands and feet look more like flee bites, then turn in to splotches and are very itchy. Could these outbreaks be related?
If you get poison oak one time (I got it badly about five years ago), does it stay in your body dormant and come out easier the next time?
Could the outbreak on my hands and feet be poison oak, even though there is no puss, like poison oak? Or is it some other mysterious cause, a food allergy perhaps?
Any thoughts are welcome!
Thank you!

Poison Oak - Delayed Reaction (Approved)Heidi7/6/2004 6:34 pm
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