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Immune to medication

Subject: Immune to medication
Author: Dara
Date: 7/6/2004 9:23 pm
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Status: Approved
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NO! Nonononononono, NO! I think I've become immune to my prescription(Prednisone) for PI. And I've tried just about everything on this site and NOTHING WORKS! I took the first one-third of my medication and it took away the worst part(my face) but now I have my arms to deal with, and it's getting worse! Help me!
P.S. Ok, that's it, I am now going to wage war with this stuff in the woods, I don't care what else gets killed along the way, I'm not stopping til the last square inch of that vile plant is wiped off my part of the earth!

Immune to medication (Approved)Dara7/6/2004 9:23 pm
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  Re: Immune to medication (Approved)Caveman7/8/2004 11:35 am