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Re: PI Land Owner?

Subject: Re: PI Land Owner?
Author: Visitor
Date: 7/9/2004 7:13 am
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Thanks so much for the confirmation Petrus

If I dare say it, it is a good relief to know that it is "only" poison ivy and not something else...

I've been using hot water for the last couple days and I am surprised at how quickly it is clearing up, defintely noticeable from areas that I am not using scolding hot water like my neck.

What I can't figure out is...is it pain or relief! The sensation is so intense my brain can't distinguish.

You like my forest huh, this is only a very small area that I took photos of, maybe a 50' x 50' area. I've 3 acres of this stuff all over...

PI Land Owner? (Approved)Lee7/7/2004 9:18 pm
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    Re: PI Land Owner? (Approved)Visitor7/9/2004 7:13 am