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Immediate soap cleansing

Subject: Immediate soap cleansing
Author: Caveman
Date: 7/12/2004 11:22 am
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I had to of been exposed to poison ivy this Saturday.If I was going to get a rash I would be feeling the first round of itching.
I have not and I think it is because I bathed myself three times in the river with an ordinary bar of Ivory soap DURING and at the end of the hike.
I think I got the idea on this forum where a guy said it doesn't have to be speciality soap, any soap will remove the poison ivy "sap". He suggested doing it IMMEDIATELY after exposure with a goal of within 30 minutes.
I just wanted to report. Seems to have worked.

Immediate soap cleansing (Approved)Caveman7/12/2004 11:22 am
  Re: Immediate soap cleansing (Approved)Brian7/13/2004 2:43 pm