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Re: Immediate soap cleansing

Subject: Re: Immediate soap cleansing
Author: Brian
Date: 7/13/2004 2:43 pm
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The immersing in the river probably helped more than the soap did in order to get the oils off. I always use the Phels-naptha soap, but others say that soap open the pores and accelerates the infection. I think a hard rush of water would help but i'm with you- use a soap to cut the oils.
Some of the ivy lotions on the market are just mineral spirits with the odor removed. That would certainly cut the oils without touching or rubbing the skin by simply pouring it on. I think it's just natural to try and rub it off.

Immediate soap cleansing (Approved)Caveman7/12/2004 11:22 am
  Re: Immediate soap cleansing (Approved)Brian7/13/2004 2:43 pm