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HUGE blisters

Subject: HUGE blisters
Author: Teri
Date: 7/17/2004 2:41 pm
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My 9 year old son does not have a rash, per say. He woke up Friday morning with HUGE blisters on his hands and inner arm. I took him to the doctor and the doc believes it is a form of poison oak or poison sumac.....he wasn't sure though.

My question is.....Are HUGE blister a typical reaction to poison Ivy/oak/sumac? It is my understanding that reactions are generally accompanied by a rash (he doesn't have a rash, just huge blisters - approximately the size of a fifty cent piece) (also he has smaller blisters with in the HUGE blister)? Any idea?

HUGE blisters (Approved)Teri7/17/2004 2:41 pm
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