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Clothing and Bedding

Subject: Clothing and Bedding
Author: Sleuth
Date: 7/18/2004 5:49 am
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I believe I have poison ivy and have had it now for a few days. I had an initial rash on my leg about three weeks ago which had finally healed. However, it has now spread to my arms and chest. I was wondering what I should do with the clothing and bedding I have used during the last three weeks. I know that everything has to be washed but I was wondering what happens after you have an outbreak. Does that mean you have to constantly wash your things before using them again?

Am I making sense here?


Clothing and Bedding (Approved)Sleuth7/18/2004 5:49 am
  Re: Clothing and Bedding (Approved)JM8/2/2004 10:12 pm
    Re: Clothing and Bedding (Approved)Sleuth8/3/2004 8:54 am