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Re: HUGE blisters

Subject: Re: HUGE blisters
Author: Michelle
Date: 7/18/2004 7:43 am
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Is the area itchy? He COULD have some form of contact dermatitis -- I get that from the leaves of raspberry bushes though I'm not allergic to raspberries. If so, there won't be itching (this will feel a little like a burn rather than any itch at all) and it won't last very long -- and the blisters will heal up reasonably quickly.

HUGE blisters (Approved)Teri7/17/2004 2:41 pm
  Re: HUGE blisters (Approved)Michelle7/18/2004 7:43 am
    Re: HUGE blisters (Approved)BRIAN7/19/2004 4:41 pm