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Subject: Eyes
Author: C.
Date: 7/19/2004 0:52 am
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Sorry if this is already posted, but after reading through 16 pages I didn't really find a question that was exactly mine.

2 days ago the poison ivy appeared on my right forearm. Between then and last night it has since spread to my left forearm, my stomache, side, thigh, lower back and now, just today, I have it on my eyelids.

My eyes aren't really all that swollen... I mean, if it weren't for the tissue on my eyelids being red and a bit bumpy, you wouldn't really notice. However, my actual eyeball sort of aches. Isn't red, doesn't itch... just aches.

I was wondering if I should probably go to the Doctors for this? I mean, is there some irreversable dangers involved if I get it in my eyes?

Also, in four days I have a function to go to... I can cover myself up with pants and a light sweater or sweatshirt for my arms... (even though it is suppose to be 85+ degrees farenheit...)But I don't think wearing a ski mask for my eyes will go over well. Do you think it'll be gone by then?

Again, sorry if this is already posted. I just couldn't stand reading any more pages.

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