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pi on penis

Subject: pi on penis
Author: joe
Date: 7/21/2004 0:25 am
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Ok, first, i got PI from mangos. I didnt realize it till i saw someone mention the Mango and some type of crossreaction, then i went and searched for more info and yep, thats how i got it. I just started eating mangos for the first time last week and now i have it on my dang penis.

i have had it down there before but not like this. its swollen, but the itching hasnt been to great, i am using over the counter stuff and it appears to help with the itching but this is the 3rd day i have had it. what concerns me is the swelling bc i cant recall that this is something i ve had before.

Any advice? and yes, im taking very hot baths, and stayin in the pool for about 30 minutes, too. This is a bad area bc u cant walk around naked all day to get it air, lol

i guess i can bring some humor to this....we all like a bigger penis, but this isnt the way i was thinking, haha.

pi on penis (Approved)joe7/21/2004 0:25 am
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