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Re: Wedding Dress Dilemma

Subject: Re: Wedding Dress Dilemma
Author: BK
Date: 7/23/2004 7:32 pm
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The only way the rash could get the poison ivy oils onto the dress would be if you tried it on before washing after exposure to the plant. The oils from the plant would still need to be on your skin in order to transfer to something else. The rash itself, after the skin is free from the oils, does not spread PI, if you scratch and break the skin, it will simply ooze and possibly become infected, like any other "wound". I find rubbing alcohol helps soothe the itch, and dry up the rash quickly. Good luck with the wedding!

Wedding Dress Dilemma (Approved)Marie7/23/2004 4:34 pm
  Re: Wedding Dress Dilemma (Approved)BK7/23/2004 7:32 pm