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recurring outbreaks

Subject: recurring outbreaks
Author: elizabeth
Date: 7/29/2004 9:32 pm
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2 different but related questions: first, understanding the the continued breaking out and secondly how to clean and ensure not in house. I started with a mild case of poison ivy on my chin last week. I saw the Dr almost immediately and she gave me a cortesone shot and various samples of cream to help with itching...none of which is working and the rash is spreading all over my body. In some places as redspots, some with blisters and some as raised ridges. Why is it continuing to spread and manifests differently? Is it in my system and needs to work itself out? or am I getting continuously re-infected? Second, I have been cleaning like a maniac and have no idea if I am doing it right or doing enough? I don't know where I got the poison ivy - hiking or from my indoor cat - who got out and could have gotten into 2 small PI plants I found on the side of my deck? So I took her to the vet, where they bathed her and gave her a shot. I washed all bedding, blankets, towels... washed floors, basebords, trim around doors, and windows with household cleaners, wiped down wood furniture with Murphys oil. I even bought a steam cleaner and washed carpets. Threw out sneakers I wore hiking...and I am exhausted. If the continued new outbreaks are because its in my system, I'm going to stop teh cleaning frenzy. However, if there is still the PI oil on something and I am re-infecting myself where does it end? Help please, how are you dealing with eliminating from your environment?

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