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inhaled ivy at campfire

Subject: inhaled ivy at campfire
Author: m ohar
Date: 7/30/2004 8:43 am
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my son has sever poison ivy on his face...his face swelled to twice the size, his eyes were swollen almost completely shut...he is getting open lesions, even in his mouth and throat. after sever visit and steroid shots, tons of meds...the emergency dermatologist said it is positively poison ivy that he inhaled from a campfire. we did have a campfire 2 days before this happened, but we alwyas have fires, a few a week. i am sure that it is possible that a pice or two of that wood may have had ivy on it at some point and that can happen but what i dont undertand it..why didnt anybody else get this. there were about 15 poeple here for the fire...about 5 that i know for a fact have sensitivity to ivy...is it possible that only 1 person inhaled the "ivy smoke" that part makes no sense to me...please email me and insight you can thanks so much [email protected]

inhaled ivy at campfire (Approved)m ohar7/30/2004 8:43 am
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