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Re: Clothing and Bedding

Subject: Re: Clothing and Bedding
Author: JM
Date: 8/2/2004 10:12 pm
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Hope you are better..I am recuping from poison oak..an outbreak not experienced in 20 yrs. but just as severe as past and required prednisone and other meds for swollen shut eyes..it helped but little rashes still keep appearing other body areas. I have been washing all clothes/bedding/towels like a maniac in case there is lingering oil somewhere that is spreading or reinfectng. Haven't figured out how to wash my cats in case they have it on their fur but I wash constantly after petting or change bedding if they slept on the bed!! Good luck..poison ivy and oak can so consume your daily thoughts and activities!!

Clothing and Bedding (Approved)Sleuth7/18/2004 5:49 am
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