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Re: poison oak?

Subject: Re: poison oak?
Author: JM
Date: 8/2/2004 10:17 pm
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There's some excellent sites w. pics to cmpare vines/plants/ etc. w. poison oak When in doubt, stay away and the old words of "leaves of 3, leave te be"!! hold true..I just had a severe outbreak requiring major meds for poisn oak, haven't had it in 20 yars. Am eying so many plants in my backyard where I gardn and prune and always d gloves/wash hands/shower as precautions.Pics for comparison helped me elimnate ideas of numerous plants right off the bat. Could have gotten it from my cats or a friend's dog when petting if they had the oil or hanling clothes from daughter's hike/camp? Good luck..poison oak s miserable!!

poison oak? (Approved)Keith7/24/2004 2:28 pm
  Re: poison oak? (Approved)JM8/2/2004 10:17 pm