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Re: Oil on shoes?

Subject: Re: Oil on shoes?
Author: Radikalwomyn
Date: 8/12/2004 10:36 pm
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I think just soap and water will do it - which should be fine on the leather. I threw everyone's runners in the washer after a recent nature hike (after yelling at everyone to get out of the damn bushes!)because I am stressed about getting it again. Here in ontario its been a damp summer and poison ivy DOES love damness. If u are still getting outbreaks, it might be a systemic reaction, meaning the oil went into your bloostream and is coming out all over. Read my post "it ends" to see how I handled my systemic poison ivy hell.

Oil on shoes? (Approved)Amy8/11/2004 10:12 am
  Re: Oil on shoes? (Approved)Radikalwomyn8/12/2004 10:36 pm